We provide best app for calling  international to help you keep in touch with the loved ones.  We invite you to experience our app for cheap International calls. Moitele.com’s apps for international calling are easily accessible for iPhone, Android and other smartphones. Our mobile apps for international calls will save you a great deal on international calling.

International & Local Phone Calls

You can now make low price international and local phone calls from mobiles and other devices with our best mobile app for International calls. Our international calls utilize the world’s best networks to give you uninterrupted high-quality voice calls.

You have access to making calls across every country in the world. Our clients have access to the most affordable plans.

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International & Local Text Messages

The conventional local and international text messaging are too expensive. Soon, we are extending our apps to provide messaging across the world’s telecom network. www.moitele.com’s international and local messaging will be a simple and extremely cost effective platform for texting.

Unlike other free messaging platforms, with our apps your privacy and messages are encrypted for security.

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Cloud based IP-PBX for Companies, Hotels & Offices

We provide cloud IP-PBX for companies, hotels and offices as very cost effective and efficient communications system. Gone are the days for the costly in house infrastructure. Companies can now benefit from our cloud platform and connect to the world with in few hours. With www.moitele.com, companies will also have access to 24 hour support.

Our IP-PBX is going to be technologically advanced with 99.9% availability, highly scalable and cost effective VOIP system in the industry.

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Web Call Back

For businesses operating online, customer is god. Why should a website visitor spend money to call your business for enquiries and support? With the www.moitele.com’s web call back feature, your website visitor won’t spend a penny to reach you. Our state of the art web call back service provides a complete solution that enables your website visitor to reach you for FREE. So, get ready for knock-knock right from the web browser.

Our web call back solution helps your customers to reach you in a flash. It’s the modern way to convert the website visitors to customers.

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Conference Calls

Internet is not always reliable for conference calls. With our novel call back featured service, calls are made by the servers to get you connected to the conference.

This does not need internet and you have highest quality conference call.

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Phone Cards

As part of our cheap International calling plans, we offer the bouquet of services to our customers. www.moitele.com’s virtual phone cards are handy for every caller who wants to make low price International calls.

A customer can buy our pre-paid virtual phone card and follow the instructions to make calls even from traditional phones without internet.

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